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Monyog Unlimited Licensing Information

Monyog licenses are deployed in thousands of companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations all over the world. Whether you need to monitor one server or hundreds of servers, Monyog can help you smartly monitor, tune and optimize your servers.

Licensing Terms and Information
1. Terms of Use

All use of Monyog is subject to the terms of the applicable license agreements, provided with the software (which may be viewed at, and to the Licensing Information about Webyog Software Products, provided herein.

2. Monyog Unlimited License

An unlimited license for Monyog, licensed from Webyog, is for the English-language version of Monyog only. The license permits you to monitor unlimted number of servers entirely within your organization, solely by your employees/consultants. The software may be used by your employees/consultants worldwide. You may not give, transfer or sell copies of Monyog to your customer(s), or any third party, nor include such copies in, or with, products you sell.

The users may access the software in any way that is convenient; for example, by accessing Monyog on local computer or Monyog installed on remote computers.

An unlimited license for Monyog entitles your organization to duplicate the software as necessary for distribution within your organization to any number of users, in accordance with the applicable license agreement.


  1. Monyog Unlimited covers single end user entity (such as an LLC, corporation, organization or government agency) identified in the registration form, including internal divisions of that entity, but not any subsidiaries or other affiliates of the entity.
  2. Under Monyog Unlimited license, the servers owned by the entity identified in the registration form, can only be monitored. The entity may not be a service provider (eg. a consultant providing remote DBA services) or utility model computing delivery vendor (eg. ISPs) who serves multiple end users.

3. Distribution of the Software

The Monyog Unlimited software will be distributed by electronic means to the name and email address of the End-User that was designated by the customer on the order form or purchase order.

At the time of purchase, or upon acceptance of the purchase order by Webyog, the designated End-User will receive an email confirmation that will include links and instructions for downloading the software.

4. Monyog Unlimited Software License Administrator

A Monyog Unlimited license must be centrally administered within your organization, which means that there needs to be one employee within your organization who acts as the license administrator and is the Webyog point of contact for your organization. Your license administrator is responsible for duplicating and distributing the Monyog software and upgrades to the employees covered under the license.

If you have further questions, please send a mail to