MONyog MySQL Monitoring Tool
MONyog is the easiest and the most complete MySQL performance monitoring tool.
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What is Premium Support?
  •   Issues addressed directly by developers
  •   Unlimited ticket based priority support
  •   Guaranteed response within 1 business day
  •   Issue escalation to product development team
  •   Hotfixes / emergency patches in case of bugs
  •   Remote troubleshooting
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  • Ultimate
  • Enterprise
  • Professional
  • Monitor security and hacking attempts
  • Deadlock Monitoring
  • Multi-user Support
  • Configuration Management
  • Replication Manager
  • Query Analyzer with Query Sniping
  • Disk Monitoring & Lock Monitoring
  • Wayback Machine
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • History and Trend Analysis
  • Custom SQL Objects and full customization using JS
  • Events Manager
  • Dashboard
  • Error log Monitoring
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  • Single MySQL Server
  • 2 MySQL Servers
  • 5 MySQL Servers
  • 10 MySQL Servers
  • 25 MySQL Servers
  • 50 MySQL Servers
  • Unlimited MySQL Servers

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What are users saying about MONyog?
MONyog basically just gave me exactly what I needed. Checking on the current and past state of the servers became a no-brainer. When someone asks me about a high load on a certain day - I can answer in minutes what was the condition of database at that moment. With the new Disk Info tool, finding out where your space is wasted is as easy as it gets. No need to use sets of custom scripts and hack all kinds of small solutions together - MONyog does it all for you, the moment you install it. Webyog support is one of the major facts that made me feel safe with investing in MONyog. The product is constantly evolving, and the developers listen closely to the customers.
Shlomo Priymak
Database Administrator, Delver Inc.
MONyog is the best out-of-the-box GUI monitoring tool for MySQL that I have seen. It "just works." As promised, getting up and running quickly is easy, and having a centralized location for monitoring is very useful. The graphs are beautiful and the statistics that are graphed are useful time-savers. The biggest difference between MySQL's Enterprise Monitor and MONyog is that MONyog is agentless. At Pythian, we have many clients with differing security requirements. Requiring a daemon process to be running is not something we currently do, and it might be a hard sell for some clients. Even if every client was amenable to it, making sure the daemon is up and running on each MySQL server is tedious.
Sheeri Cabral
The Pythian Group
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