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Features Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Multi-User Management
Filter access to specific servers for individual users
Specify different permissions for different users
LDAP integration for Active Directory, OpenLDAP
Detect MySQL hacking attempts
Identify and fix security vulnerabilities
Top 10 queries across all the servers
Unified view of all the registered servers
Customizable Dashboard
Enable MySQL & system charts
Add multiple MySQL servers
Create custom dashboard
Explode charts and view historical data
Monitor Replication (incl. Multi-Source)
Replication Tab
Auto Register Slaves
Get alerts when replication lags behind or if slave has stopped
Replication Log details for replication trouble shooting
Color codes to denote the state of the server
Real-Time Monitoring
Know what's happening right now on your server
Get started in one click, no need to enable logging
Find Problem SQL by
Querying MySQL Proxy
Analysing General Query Log
Analysing Slow Query Log
Additionally all the above reports can be exported as CSV
Real-Time Query Sniping
Monitor slow queries
Monitor long-locked queries
Server Optimization
Monitor servers with custom queries
Deadlock monitoring
Server Disk Usage Information
Completely new set of advisors
Monitoring Tools for MySQL Community and Enterprise Servers
History/Trend Analysis
Quick Performance Tuning and Optimization
Analyze MySQL and OS performance data collected over a period of time
Error Log Monitoring
Proactive Alerts
Alerts on Slack & PagerdutyNew
Syslog integrationNew
Get proactive alerts via email and SNMP Traps
Event Management
Accept & dismiss events
Multi-platform Support
Monitor MySQL on any platform
Available on Windows and Linux
Support for both 64-bit and 32-bit Linux
Both RPM and Non RPM Package
Perpetual Licensing
Company wide Unlimited licensing at very attractive prices
User Friendly GUI
AJAX interface
Simple Descriptions for all performance metrics. Helps you learn MySQL Internals
Fully customizable using Javascript and MONyog Object Model
Compare unlimited MySQL servers side-by-side on Real time Dashboard
Enterprise dashboard helps identify problems quickly
Miscellaneous Features
Shows Processlist displaying information on running queries as per execution time
Inbuilt web-server
Does not force to install multiple web-servers & language runtimes like other tools
SSH Tunneling Support
Get proactive alerts via email and SNMP Traps
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