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Reduce downtime, tighten security and optimize performance of your
MySQL powered systems.
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Powerful features that suit your MySQL monitoring requirements:
Real-time database performance insights
Slack, Pagerduty & Syslog alerts
RDS OS and file-based log monitoring
Custom Dashboard & Charts
MySQL Replication Topology View
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Real-time monitoring
Real-time monitoring
Know what’s happening right now on your servers.
Monitor each query in real-time and identify what is causing a sudden or unwarranted spike in your MySQL databases. Real-time monitoring helps you take corrective action and resolve major issues even before it hits your end users.
Track MySQL Configuration Changes
Track MySQL Configuration Changes
Find the cause of performance issues.
Track all changes done to the MySQL Global variables using the configuration management. You can track and compare changes to the configuration file and identify the reason for performance issues.
Monitor Locked & Long Running Queries
Monitor Locked & Long Running Queries
Reduce excessive CPU usage and query execution time.
Monitor locked and long running queries in real-time. Get notifications on mail or SNMP traps, Syslog, Slack and Pagerduty for queries that take more than a specified amount of time to execute. You also have the option to configure Monyog to kill, notify or notify & kill such queries.
RDS OS and file-based log monitoring
RDS OS and file-based log monitoring
Monitor hosted MySQL like RDS/Aurora.
Monyog showcases General Query, Slow Query and Error logs in a single view by making use of the RDS REST API. Monyog lets you view RDS OS metrics like CPU Utilization, RAM usage etc. using the CloudWatch API.
Trusted by 2.5 million users around the world.
  • Quote
    Miguel Santos
    Monyog helped us in optimizing and tracking mission critical data across 1700 customer sites and spread across 70 database servers.
  • Quote
    JaiKwang Lee
    NBT, Inc.
    Monyog is reasonable, it was easy to setup and it is very useful for effective monitoring. Monyog helped us optimize MySQL server performance.
  • Quote
    Stefan Schiele
    SCT Schiele
    Monyog perfectly monitored our MariaDB Galera Cluster and indicated the cause of the issues through deadlock monitoring.
  • Quote
    Liam Terblanche
    We opted for Monyog for its simplicity, ease of config, and relatively affordable price-tag. A complete MySQL monitoring system with early-warning mechanisms.
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Companies using Monyog
Companies using Monyog
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